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Our Company


Since 1999 Innovation Transport Services has been providing businesses with top-quality goods transportation & delivery services when they need it.

The transport industry recognizes ITS for its excellence. In 2013 it won the Service category at the National Small Business Champion awards. In 2014 ITS was the finalist amongst an elite group of companies in the Service Category at the NSW Business Chamber Award.

Brett Howison, CEO of Innovation Transport Services describes the company like this:

’Innovation’ isn’t just a name, it’s a core value of everything we do. We need to provide our customers with the best possible service. For them, it means that we meet their transportation challenges in the most efficient and effective way possible. Essentially that means getting their items from A to B on time and as safely as possible. So we use the best technology available, such as the Intellitrac GPS Satellite Navigation System. Our drivers have the best possible education, with the Consistently Quicker Advanced Driver Training Program and we pick the best people for every task at every level of the organization.

We continually invest in maintaining our equipment in top condition, and our people with the best resources, not only because we have to, but because we know that our ongoing commitment to quality shows. Our client’s see it and they know they can rely on us. Our company culture is Can Do.

“ We don’t do it until we get it right, we do it until we can’t get it wrong.”

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At the core of any company is its Culture. The way we do our work, the way we interact with each other, with our clients and with the rest of the world tells you more about who we are than any amount of words. Nevertheless, words have their value. They help us define who we are to ourselves, and they help us describe to you the sort of company that we want to be for you. Our 12-Point Culture Plan is that defining statement.


To always respect yourself, team members and clients, and you will receive this in return – to never enter into sarcasm, gossip and negativity about the company, team members or clients while at ITS.


Near enough is not good enough. I will give excellence and never compromise my standards for anyone. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that the people that come in contact with me hear, see and feel this excellence.


I will constantly increase my level of personal knowledge about business, and the products we provide. Enthusiasm A business with team members that show enthusiasm at all times is a business on the move. We are a business on the move.


We believe that systems should run a company, not people and that our clients will come to rely on us for a consistency that is unique in the world of business.


We always strive to have a well-balanced life, where our emotional, spiritual, physical and financial needs are being achieved.


We always say yes when our ITS team members ask us for our help, so long as the team member has already taken responsibility for the completion of that task.


We always live by the principal that “I work with the company NOT for the company” I understand that I always have the choice to live and work the way that most meets the requirements of my life.


Business is fun. It is a game in life to be enjoyed. We will learn the rules of the game in our team and in our industry. Then we will always play the game with a smile on our face and good will in our hearts.

Common Sense

Common sense is a prerequisite of being an ITS team player. It must always prevail in my taking on tasks. Making sure that what I take on is realistic so that I keep all the commitments I make.


The ITS team plan is to succeed and always keep fellow team members informed when new plans are prepared. We always consider new ideas when they are presented in a planned and well thought out manner.


To always speak the truth with our fellow team members and clients and be honest with ourselves in life. We are being honest when what we say, what we think and what we feel are the same.


No company that takes itself seriously can be without a Vision. Out Vision is about where we want to be. It’s about our chosen destination. We might not be there yet, but we still need to remind ourselves about what we’re aiming for. We are a transport company. It makes sense to us that to be a company without a Vision is like programming a GPS without a destination point. How can you get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re going? Our Vision Statement is about who we are in the process of becoming.

The vision is to provide our customers with the service and professional approach to our work that they deserve.


Our Mission is our day-to-day reminder of why we are here. Its about the present, it’s about what we want for ourselves and for our clients right now.

Our people are a dedicated, trustworthy, respected and well-trained team of professionals. We have a vision, a mission and always play by our 12-point culture plan. We are innovative in our approach to logistics while always looking for ways to improve our business and assist our customers. We are responsible in our commitments to our customers and proactive in ensuring that we provide that responsibly. We will always offer reasonable solutions to our customer’s problems as soon as we are aware of the problem. We will provide the best possible result for our customers every time and the most consistent and reliable service they have ever experienced. Transport and business are fun. We will always enjoy our work and help our customers to enjoy theirs. We aim to be happy healthy people with a positive outlook on life. Uniqueness is our 20-point customer commitment plan and our innovative approach to business.


Our Commitment to you is that our Culture, Vision and Mission Statements aren’t just words that sound good on paper, or a company line that we repeat like parrots. Our Commitment to you is that our words are about our Culture, Vision and Mission translate into real action that makes your experience with us the best that it possibly can be.

Through our 20-point customer commitment plan we will be innovative and proactive in our approach until we achieve this result. We will strive to maintain this level of excellence on an ongoing basis, always looking to improve.


  • CEO – Brett Howison
  • Admin Manager – Sharon Wilson
  • Operations – Kate Dudgeon & Graeme
  • Sales Graeme B
  • BDM- Alisha Morrison
  • Admin Assistant – Sandra Howison
  • Branch Manager- Sharon Clarke


  • Operations Manager- Trent
  • Sales – Mark
  • Branch Manager – TBA
  • Admin – Rachael


  • Greg – Operations
  • Glenn – Sales

Kingswood- SYD

  • Branch manager – Jo Kitchener
  • Operations – Sang and Guye
  • Admin assistant – TBA


“A company without leadership is like a truck without a driver. It isn’t going to get anywhere.” For me, leadership is about direction. That doesn’t mean directing them; it means showing direction. It’s about showing the way. I know that the staff at ITS rely on me to provide that direction, but I can’t be sitting on their shoulders guiding them every step of the way. My commitment to the people who work here is to empower them. That empowerment means that they’ve got to be leaders in their own areas too. Whether it’s our customer service people who answer the phones, or our admin staff, our maintenance crews, or our drivers; each one of us here are at the coalface. Each one of us have to make our own choices that result in the best possible outcomes all our clients.

We really do want our clients to have the best possible experience with us. It’s not enough that people know that their items and possessions got to where they were going quickly and in one piece. That’s essential, of course, but it’s not enough. We want people to come out of our experience with us – from the first phone call to the last handshake – thinking, “What a great bunch of people. I’d definitely do business with them again. I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone.”


As a provider of transport and logistics services and in the course of doing business effectively, ITS collects personal information about its employees, clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and others with whom it deals within the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988.

Information Use

The primary purpose for collecting, holding and using the personal information is for the establishment and maintenance of records for our clients, suppliers of goods and services, and others with whom we conduct business in order that we can work effectively with them. ITS might collect personal information from credit applications, contracts, electronic transactions, and at the time of performing transport and logistics services.

In order to ensure the integrity and safety of personal information, ITS will normally only disclose personal information it holds to the individual concerned or to someone having proper authorisation or authority to request such information, or to fulfil legal or regulatory requirements.

ITS may also disclose personal information to its advisers and other parties e.g. mailing houses and collection agents in connection with the present and future conduct of its business. ITS work with these advisors and other parties to ensure that all personal information we provide to them is kept secure, confidential and is only used to perform the task(s) for which we have engaged them. ITS also endeavours to ensure that its employees and associates are aware of, and comply with, their obligation in relation to the handling of personal information.

Access and Correction

If you would like details of personal information that may be held about you or if you wish to correct any personal information held about you then you can contact the Company Secretary (see below).

Upon such request, ITS required 14 work days to gather such information and asks for your patience and cooperation.

Storage and Security of Personal Information

Personal information is stored in a combination of secure computer storage facilities maintained within the ITS computer network as well as paper-based files. ITS is committed to taking all reasonable precautions to protect any personal information we hold from loss, misuse or alteration. We use a range of security processes to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal information we hold.

Changes to This Statement

Any changes made to this statement from time to time will be incorporated in an updated version which will be made available on our website – www.itstransport.com.au. You are also able to obtain a copy of this Privacy Statement by contacting the address below.

Further Information

If you would like any further information or wish to voice your concern on any matter to do with either this policy or use of your personal information, please contact:

South West Solutions

Unit 2, 1-3 Whyalla Place

Prestons NSW 2170

P: 02 8783 0080

P: 1800 989 363

F: 02 8783 0005


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In an era dominated by the Media and especially the Internet it’s now easier than ever for anyone to have a voice and to express an opinion. This includes feedback that people have about their dealings with individuals or companies and how those companies interact with society. Because this information is now so freely available, and because of the sheer amount of media that we consume, people are now more media-savvy than they ever have been at any other time in history.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for companies to be completely transparent about their responsibilities as corporations. Businesses are “people” too and their decisions and activities have real-world impacts and consequences. Now, more than ever, businesses not only have to give the appearance of responsibility, they have to actually be responsible.

To this end, ITS declare its commitment to the following:

  • Compliance with the law
  • Ensuring the safest work practices and healthiest work environments
  • Ensuring industry best practice in service provision
  • Being as environmentally sound as possible and maintaining sustainability practices within the current practical limits of technology.
  • Maintaining good relations with the communities in the geographical areas in which we operate.
  • Ongoing commitment to allocating a certain portion of our profits to charities and worthy community projects

For further information, speak to our Corporate Responsibility Officer:

South West Solutions

Unit 2, 1-3 Whyalla Place

Prestons NSW 2170

P: 02 8783 0080

P: 1800 989 363

F: 02 8783 0005



Innovative Transport Services was established on the 1st of July 1999 by Brett Howison who saw a need to provide safe, reliable Transportation and logistics services Nationally across Australia.

Starting with 1 truck and a staff of 2 ITS has, in the ensuing years, grown to a fleet of 120 with 26 staff in 4 locations. Innovation is the essence of Innovation Transport Services.

ITS Transport has a 12 point culture plan and a 20 point commitment plan that outlines our commitment to an innovative approach to business whether it is training, policies or development of new strategies, ITS can and will offer you a creative approach to business solutions. ITS will ensure its readiness and commitment to work with in parallel with you to attain an Ideal Transport Solution.

Major Milestones:

  • Attended the annual Working truck show.
  • We won the Service category at the National Small Business Champion awards in 2013.
  • Opened Branch office in Brisbane July 2013
  • Opened Branch office in Melbourne January 2012

Payment methods

Credit Card

ITS Transport accepts Visa card and Mastercard. To pay an account using this method please call (02) 8783 0080 and quote the full invoice number, amount and credit card information. Please note a 2.5% surcharge will be added for the use of this facility.

EFT payments for current customers

BSB: 082 778

Account Number: 87 015 0491

Account Name: ITS Transport

Email remittance to admin@itstransport.com.au


Please post cheques to PO BOX 105 Hoxton Park, NSW 2171

Credit Card Processing Payment Gateway E-Commerce

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Terms and conditions


1.1 BJ Howison T/as Innovation Transport Services (called “TheCompany” which expression unless the context otherwise requires includes a reference to all representatives) IS NOT A COMMON CARRIER and reserves the right to refuse to carry or store goods at its discretion./

1.2 This document constitutes the entire and only agreement between the Company and Sender in respect of the goods.

1.3 This document shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State or Territory in which it is issued.

1.4 In these conditions unless the context otherwise requires, “Goods” means all those articles, items or goods referred to on the reverse side (including any contents, wrapping, packaging, pallet, container, parcel or case thereof): “Representative” means any person who is or becomes a servant or agent of The Company or any contractor or servant or agent of a contractor and any person whatsoever acting or under a duty to act in respect of the Goods and includes two or more persons: “Sender” means the person named or described on the reverse of as Sender Shipper, Depositor or Client (as the case may be); “Consignee” includes receiver; person includes corporation; words in the singular include the plural and vice versa; words importing one gender include each other gender.

1.5 If any Condition or part thereof therefore would but for this Condition be unenforceable illegal or invalid it shall be severed from these Conditions without prejudice or effect to the remaining provisions.

2.1 Sender shall ensure that the Goods comply with all laws, by laws, regulations and other requirements of all relevant authorities relating to the nature condition and packing of the Goods.

2.2 Sender will bear any duty excise or other tax or impost payable in respect of the Goods and reimburse The Company in respect thereof not withstanding any delay in delivery or any breach by The Company whatsoever or howsoever arising.

3.1 Sender shall specifically declare and fully describe in the space provided on the front the name nature and value of the Goods, and specify any of a valuable, fragile, noxious, dangerous, hazardous, liquid or inflammable nature or capable of causing damage or injury to any person or thing and any Goods so specified will be subject to special rates of carriage or storage.

3.2 Sender warrants that all the particulars inserted on this documents are accurate and shall indemnify The Company against all loss damage expense or liability whatsoever arising from any inaccuracy in those particulars.

4.1 The Company shall be at liberty to contract or arrange for the whole or any part of the carriage handling or storage to be performed by any other person (“a contractor”) on any terms whatsoever.

4.2 Senders signature to or other entry into this document shall constitute an offer (irrevocable until any delivery of the Goods to the Consignee is effected) made to each Representative and deemed to be communicated to each Representative and accepted by the performance by the Representative of, or the undertaking by the Representative to perform, the services to be performed by him to the effect that inconsideration of the Representative entering into a contract with the Company and of performing or undertaking to perform services with respect to the Goods Sender agrees that the Representative shall be entitled to take advantage of these Conditions and that these Conditions shall form part of the agreement between Sender and the Representative that is constituted by such offer and acceptance.

4.3 Without prejudice to 4.2 Sender warrants that no claim shall be made by any person against any Representative contrary to these conditions (including, without limitation, condition 15.1) and agrees that if any person recovers any sum from a Representative pursuant to any such claim a like sum shall become immediately due and payable to the Company by Sender.

4.4 Sender warrants that he is either the owner or the authorized agent of the owner of the Goods and of the person to be charged for the freight and that Sender is authorized to enter into these Conditions on behalf of all such persons.

4.5 The Company may be in its absolute discretion forward or on forward the Goods by any one or more means routes depots stops or directions whatsoever, including any deviation from any agreed usual or customary means route depot stop or direction.

5.1 The Company may change for any delay exceeding 30 minutes in loading or unloading the Goods occurring other than from the default of the Company.

5.2 The Company shall not be responsible to provide any lab or plant machinery or other matters necessary for loading or unloading The Goods.

6. The Company may comply with the provisions and requirements imposed by any relevant authority whatsoever and any expense or charge arising by reason thereof shall be borne by Sender.

7.1 The Company may deliver the Goods at the address given to it by Sender for that purpose. The Company shall be deemed to have delivered the Goods in accordance with this agreement (inter alia) if at the set address it or a Representative obtains for any person a receipt or signed delivery docket for the Goods.

7.2 If the Consignee of the Goods is not in attendance during normal trading hours at the set address, the Company may charge Sender in accordance with the Company charges them prevailing (or in absence of such charges a reasonable sum) for any additional attempt at delivery until delivery is affected.

7.3 If instructions from Sender regarding disposing of perishable or non perishable Goods are not or cannot be obtained within a reasonable time having regard to the nature and Condition of those Goods, those Goods may be sold (by public auction in respect or private treaty) by the Company or otherwise deposed of without notice.

7.4 Payment or tender of the net proceeds of any such sale or disposal after deduction of all charges and expenses incurred therein and all other sums then owed to the Company by sender shall release the Company from all obligations whatsoever in respect of the Goods.

7.5 If for any reason beyond the control of the Company or as a result of instruction of Sender the forwarding or delivery of the Goods is delayed or cannot be accomplished, the Company may at its sole discretion store or warehouse the Goods and sender shall pay the Company on demand all costs and expenses in connection therewith.

8.PACKING, UNPACKING, STORAGE Where the Goods are packed and/or unpacked and/or stored by the Company, Sender will pay the Company the arranged fee or alternatively a reasonable fee for the packing, unpacking and storage of The Goods having regard to the nature of the Goods, the expenses of the Company in packing unpacking and storing and (if it so decides, without obligation to do so) insuring same and all other relevant matters whatsoever. If a reasonable fee is not agreed, an assessment thereof shall be made by person nominated by the President for the time being of the Victorian Road Transport Association acting as an expert whose assessment and binding on the parties.

9.1 DANGEROUS GOODS ETC Sender shall not tender for carriage or storage any explosive, inflammable or otherwise dangerous or damaging Goods without satisfying the other Condition and the following special conditions. Sender has previously made full disclosure to the Company for the nature of the Goods and the Company has agreed to carry and/or store the same.

9.2 At the time of loading the Goods, Sender shall supply the Company driver or other representative with written declaration stating the nature of the Goods and detailing the procedures necessary for safe carriage handling and storage and any action necessary in case of accident of fire involving the Goods.

9.3 The Goods are packed safely for carriage handling and storage and in accordance with all applicable laws by laws regulations and other lawful requirements.

9.4 The Goods and the carriage handling and storage thereof are fully and properly insured by Sender (unless otherwise arranged with the Company) in all respects to ensure the full protection and indemnity of the Company against all and every possible claim whatsoever arising out of any loss or damage to the Goods and any direct indirect or consequential loss damage injury or expense which may result from the carriage handling or storage thereof.

10. Freight and all other charges shall be deemed earned and payable on acceptance of the Goods from Sender.

11. All the rights, immunities and limitations from liability of the Company and representatives in this document shall continue in full force and effect not withstanding any breech (including breech which would otherwise be a fundamental breech or a breech of a fundamental term) of this document and not withstanding the termination of the carriage handling or storage of the Goods or any discharge of this agreement.


12.1 Insurance of the Goods will not be affect by the Company except with the express written instruction of Sender and then only at the expense of Sender and on lodgement of a declaration as to the value by Sender prior to acceptance of the Goods.

12.2 If insurance of the Goods is effected by the Company no claim may be made thereunder later than 14 days after the claim arises.

13. The Goods are accepted subject to a general lien for all freight storage and other charges due or to be become due to the Company on any account whatsoever from Sender the Consignee or the person charged for freight storage or other charges. If the lien is not satisfied the Company may in its absolute discretion and without notice detain and sell (by public auction or private treaty) all or any of the Goods and out of the proceeds of sale retain all such amounts due or to become due and all charges and expenses of the detention and sale and pay the balance to the Consignee. Neither the lien nor any such sale shall prejudice the recovery of any amount payable to the Company from the person liable therefore on any account.

14. Sender will indemnify and keep indemnified the Company against all loss, damage, or injury to any property or person arising from the carriage storage or handling of the Goods whatsoever and however arising.


15.1 To the extent permitted by law, the Company and each Representative shall not be liable for and no claim shall be made against the Company or a representative for or in respect of any loss damage expense or injury whatsoever howsoever caused and whether by negligence, misfeasance, willful act omission, default or otherwise and whether direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise, due to or arising from loss, damage or destruction of or to, or mis-delivery, non-delivery, or delay in delivery, concealed damage, deterioration, contamination or evaporation of the Goods or from any other cause or matter whatsoever.

15.2 If any provision or part of a provision of these Conditions would but for this Condition have the effect of excluding restricting or modifying any rights or remedies granted by an applicable law which are not by their terms capable of being excluded restricted or modified by agreement, such provision or part shall not apply to the extent to which any such right or remedy is granted by that law.

15.3 If a right or remedy which is not capable of exclusions modification or restriction by agreement is granted by such a law, and that law allows the Company to limit its liability with respect to that right or remedy, it shall be an express term hereof that the liability of the Company is limited in accordance with that law, and where so permitted by that law the liability of the Company shall be limited solely to the supplying of the Services again or the payment of the cost of having the Services again or the payment of the cost having the Service supplied again.

16.Restraint of trade policy

16.1 Restraint from Approaching Subcontractors

16.2 All companies employing ITS Transport to complete work on their behalf acknowledge that they agree under no circumstance to offer carriage directly or indirectly to any subcontractor who was introduced to them by or through ITS, for a period of not less than three months after the last date of any assignment where the subcontractor was used for carriage by them or they will be liable for an introduction fee of $5, 000 plus GST.

17. Payment

17.1 Payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing. Any payments over 60 days will incur a $25 overdue fee on each invoice.

17.2 All prices exclude GST and are subject to 9.9% fuel levy. Please note fuel levy may change without notice.

17.3 All prices quoted are subject to the standard CPI increases in line with government regulations.

17.4 A $10.95 administration charge per invoice for POD documentation and invoicing is charged.

17.5 Saturdays are charged with a minimum of 4 hours and with a loading of 20%. Sundays and Public Holidays are charged with a minimum of 6 hours and with a loading of 40%.

By using www.itstransport.com.au you agree to this privacy policy

itstransport.com.au has established this Privacy Policy to explain how it protects and manages the personal information that it collects from you (the client) online. (LAST UPDATED JANUARY 2015)

1. Consent for Collection, Use and Disclosure: Your use of the itstransport.com.au site and/or your registration for itstransport.com.au products and services constitute your consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use the itstransport.com.au site. itstransport.com.au may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. When it does, itstransport.com.au will also revise the “last update” date at the top of this Privacy Policy. In addition, itstransport.com.au will seek a customer’s prior consent, by email, for any new uses or proposed disclosures of information collected from the customer prior to the change. itstransport.com.au will notify customers by email of changes to this policy that will affect information collected from them in the future. In certain circumstances, however, itstransport.com.au will not inform and obtain the consent of the customer, such as in connection with an investigation of a breach of an agreement, contravention of laws, an emergency where the life, health or security of an individual is threatened, the collection of a debt or in compliance with the request of a law enforcement agency or a court order.A customer may withdraw his or her consent for collection, use and disclosure at any time by sending an email to: Operations@itstransport.com.au This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. Accountability: itstransport.com.au collects, at the time of your registration and your sign-on to its web site, certain “personal information” (information that personally identifies you) including but not limited to your name, email address, home or work address, telephone number, and information about your computer hardware and software (e.g., IP address, operating system, browser type, domain name, URL, access times, and referring web site addresses). itstransport.com.au has implemented this Privacy Policy to protect personal information received from its customers, and to respond to any inquiries. The Privacy Policy also provides that itstransport.com.au will not provide personal information to Third Parties for any purpose other than outsourcing market research, products and services provided by third parties.

3.Purposes for Collecting Personal Information: itstransport.com.au collects and uses personal information for the following Identified Purposes:(a) to understand customer needs regarding itstransport.com.au ’s services; (b) to develop and provide our web site and our products and services for our customers; (c) to fulfill your requests for products, services or information; (d) to communicate with customers and site visitors, when necessary, and to inform customers of upgrades where applicable, as well as of other products and services available from itstransport.com.au , its affiliates; (e) to allow customers to access limited-entry areas of itstransport.com.au ’s site; (f) to personalize some of our services and products for you and to deliver targeted advertisements and offers from itstransport.com.au and affiliates; (g) to bill accounts and maintain payment records; (h) to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or government request; (i) to respond to a legitimate claim, or to address our reasonable belief, that you are violating the rights of any third party or any of the agreements or policies that govern your use of the itstransport.com.au site or any itstransport.com.au product or service; (j) to protect the services, products or rights of itstransport.com.au , including but not limited to the security or integrity of the itstransport.com.au site; and (k) to identify and resolve technical problems concerning itstransport.com.au ’s site, products and services.itstransport.com.au also uses personal information in an aggregate form (i.e., not individually attributable to you) for its business analysis, operational, marketing and other promotional purposes.

4.Limiting the Collection of Personal Information: itstransport.com.au limits its collection of personal information to only that information which is necessary for the Identified Purposes itstransport.com.au does not direct its site to, nor does it knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of 18yrs. When you visit the itstransport.com.au web site, a cookie may be placed on your computer or the cookie may be read if you have visited the itstransport.com.au site previously. itstransport.com.au uses cookies to allow us to determine which products and services you may be interest in so that itstransport.com.au does not provide redundant information to you, and, if you are a itstransport.com.au affiliate, to track itstransport.com.au sales made to customers referred by you so that you can receive compensation under an affiliate program. If you choose to not have your browser accept cookies from the itstransport.com.au web site, you may not be able to view all the text on the screens, or to experience a personalised visit, or to subscribe to certain service and product offerings on the itstransport.com.au site.

5. Disclosure, Processing and Retention: itstransport.com.au does not sell, rent or disclose your personal information to anyone else, except:(a) to someone you have designated to act as your agent, for one or more of the Identified Purposes (listed in Section 2, above); (b) to itstransport.com.au ’s employees, independent contractors, subsidiaries, affiliates, consultants, business associates, service providers, suppliers and agents, acting on itstransport.com.au ’s behalf for any of the Identified Purposes; (c) as necessary if itstransport.com.au has reason to believe that disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to or interference (either intentionally or unintentionally) with itstransport.com.au ’s rights or property, other users of itstransport.com.au ’s web site, products or services, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities; and (d) to respond to judicial process and provide information to law enforcement agencies or in connection with an investigation on matters related to public safety, as permitted by law, or otherwise as required by law. In addition, as we continue to develop our business, we or our affiliates may sell or buy other businesses or entities, or we may merge with another company. In such transactions, personal information may be one of the transferred business assets. Also, in the event that itstransport.com.au or substantially all of its assets are acquired, your personal information may be one of the transferred assets. Your information may be stored and processed in the Australia, or in any other country in which itstransport.com.au or its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents maintain facilities. By using this web site, you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country. After your account/registration becomes inactive (that is, if you request to be removed from our database), itstransport.com.au will keep your personal information in its archives. Your information will then be used only as necessary for tax reasons or to prove itstransport.com.au ’s compliance with any applicable law.

6. Accuracy of Personal Information: itstransport.com.au will use reasonable efforts to keep customer personal information accurate for the Identified Purposes, and for minimizing the possibility of making inappropriate customer decisions based on such information. Customers are responsible for informing itstransport.com.au about changes to their personal information. You can do this by sending an email to Operations@itstransport.com.au This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it . itstransport.com.au will use new or updated personal information it receives from customers to update its own records.

7.Security Safeguards: itstransport.com.au will use reasonable efforts to protect customers’ personal information.

8.Access to Personal Information: itstransport.com.au will afford you a reasonable opportunity to review the personal information in your file, if you so request by emailing Operations@itstransport.com.au This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it If itstransport.com.au is not able to provide access to some aspect of a customer’s personal information, it will provide reasons for denying access such as; that by doing so would likely reveal personal information about a third party, or that it is confidential commercial information or attorney–client privileged communications, or that the information relates to a breach of an agreement or a contravention of law, or that its disclosure could reasonably be expected to threaten the life or security of another individual.

Clients have the right to request that inaccurate or incomplete information be amended as appropriate, by contacting itstransport.com.au on the above contact details. itstransport.com.au will promptly correct such personal information.

Regards, ITS Transport Management

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