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Innovative Transport at work

Discover how we can deliver a better solution for your transport needs through innovation and industry experience to deliver the ultimate service you expect.

We are Interstate

Transferring company resources throughout Australia? Freight shipping is the answer

With competitive prices and specialized vehicles that are well maintained by professionals, ITS Transport has been shipping near all quantities of cargo for businesses both local and national. With more than 35 years experience in the industry, ITS Transport has shined above other freight transport companies, delivering cargo, safer and faster than competitors. We have earned the respect of customers from all over, by consistently working alongside them not just with them to ensure a stress free experience.

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Why choose us

Why Choose ITS as your Transport Provider?

  • Experienced Management Team
  • Very Competitive pricing
  • Australia Wide Services
  • On Time Every Time
  • Professional Drivers
  • GPS Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Dedicated Vehicles
  • Money Back Guarantee

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We will take care of it

With our many options available, ITS Transport can handle your every request

We have been shipping via roadway and rail for long enough to understand that reliability and versatility are a must when handling precious cargo. Unlike some other freight transport carriers, we guarantee to be on time, every time. From several pallets to full semi trailer loads, we agree with our client’s passion for doing the job the right the first time. Since we have the personnel, resources and offices to manage and maintain such vast coverage over Australia, we are proud to offer these services such as these:

  • Vehicle Transport
  • Door to Door Freight
  • Machinery Transport
  • Daily East-West Quick Pickup
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At ITS we provide you with the
Ultimate Transport Experience.

What exactly is the Ultimate Transport Experience you ask?

Specialist Solution Providers

As we always say to our customers, we are not another transport company, but rather we are Specialist Solution Providers.

Firstly, we need to qualify as to the type of transport company you need. We provide a dedicated vehicle, 1 tonne through to semi-trailers and we do deliveries in the Sydney metro area, Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra.

If you need one truck a week or 20 trucks a day we can tailor a service that gives you that Ultimate Transport Experience.

Paperwork the way you want it.
Dedicated fleet controller giving you the communication the way you want it.
The exact vehicle you want, when you want it.

And YES we mean the Ultimate Transport Experience complete with a 100% money back guarantee the way it should

Get what YOU want from your transport company.
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